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why is our coffee so damn good?

Here at the Deli we have only ever used Monmouth coffee beans - quite simply there's none finer in our opinion; in flavour, roasting skills and business ethics. 

We sell Monmouth Coffee beans, whole & ground, sourced from single farms, estates & cooperatives. They roast beans to order for us at their purpose built London Roastery so the beans arrive as perfect as possible. When the aroma of Monmouth coffee beans hits the Deli they have usually been roasted within the last 48 hours. Monmouth re-profile their roasts each time they buy a new coffee and as beans develop and change over time, this means we always know seasonal variations of flavour, so do ask us – it’s a fascinating science.

But we're also in the milk business and our Baristas are trained at Monmouth and carry on that care + respect with each cup of Deli takeout coffee they produce. We use organic milk and take time to stretch it with care. With so much attention given over the tasting and roasting of beans would be criminal not to deliver the final cup in a similar fashion. We dial in the espresso blend every day with a regular morning tasting session to ensure.

Monmouth Coffee Company form sustainable, fair and equal trade relationships with growers & exporters and travel extensively throughout the year visiting farmers, producers & cooperatives.

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Our takeout coffees are ceased due to the pandemic; this is to temper people-gathering for the community and because we are not able to support a barista wage on takeaway coffees alone

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