Aceita de las Valdesas

The las Valdesas estate is located in the centre of Andalusia, in the heart of the Campiña Sur de Córdoba.

We stock three different varieties of olive trees are grown, collected and ground separately to obtain five extra virgin olive oils monovarieal, each with different characteristics, for our customers to try and use according to each use in their kitchen:



It's from Jaén. Classic bitterness and characteristic itching in the throat. Picual olive oil is the most cardiohealthy of the varieties for its high concentration of oleic acid and polyphenols. It has great stability at high temperatures so it is highly recommended for frying. For people accustomed to olive oil.



Characteristic variety of Tarragona and Lleida. Fruity, aromatic and soft. Practically without bitter or spicynotes, making it ideal for people who start consuming extra virgin olive oil. We propose its use in raw for breakfast, as well as in delicate dishes in which we want to avoid the resounding presence of olive oil. Arbequina olive oil is widely used in pastries as a substitute for butter. 



It is native to Tuscany, a prestigious region in the production of oils. Creamy and exclusive :It is one of the few Spanish Frantoio that currently exist. As fruity and aromatic as the arbequino but with light and elegant spicy touches in the throat. Ideal for dressings and other raw consumption.

Aceita de las Valdesas - Spanish extra virgin olive oil

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