This has an A.O.C status, it is a  traditionally produced farmhouse cheese of connoisseur quality, produced in the region of Brie, located just to the east of Paris. Brie de Meaux dates back to Roman times and is hailed as the king of French bries, it is matured for 5-6 weeks, amazingly they still use traditional techniques despite producing around 1000 cheeses per day.

: raw cow's milk and animal rennet 

: sweet and buttery, reflecting the high-quality of the milk used in production, expect notes of mushrooms and almonds and milky, rich aromas.

: price per 250g cut piece (£2.09 per 100g)

Brie de Meaux

250 Grams
  • melting, smooth, creamy textured with flavours of grass and hints of mushroom.