Crucolo is an Italian artisanal cow's milk cheese made by a single producer at the Rifugio Crucolo, situated at the mouth of the Val Campelle in Trentino, northern Italy . With cows grazing on lush, green grass along the crystal clear banks of the Brenta River at the foot of the Lagorai Mountain range, the milk used to make this cheese is of the highest quality. And with cheese making traditions passed down from generation to generation, as far back as the 19th century.


: raw cow's milk and animal rennet 

: exceptionally moist, rich, fruity and buttery Italian cheese deliciously dotted with holes.

: price per 250g cheese  (£2.88 per 100g)


250 Grams
  • melting, smooth, creamy textured with flavours of grass and hints of mushroom.