Meaning "sweet" in Italian, Gorgonzola "Dolce" is a soft, blue, buttery cheese made with uncooked cow's whole milk. This cheese comes from the same small producer that we source our 'Italian Camembert' from made in the foothills of the Dolomites very close to Lake Maggiore. It has a white or pale yellow, buttery and melty paste speckled with a homogeneous distribution of blue coloured veins. The rind is compact, rough, hard and grey/pinkish in colour but not edible. Flavours are not very assertive but sweet, mild with notes of sour cream and lactic tang. It takes a minimum of 50 days ageing to let Gorgonzola demonstrate its unique characteristics. For us it is unmissable.


: raw cow's milk and animal rennet 

: sweet, creamy, blue and buttery, reflecting the high-quality of the milk used in production

: price per 250g cut piece (£2.43 per 100g)

Gorgonzola Dolce DOP

250 Grams