This Parmigiano is is one of our signature products and you will be hard pushed to find a better one in the UK. It keeps brilliantly and you can use less as the flavour is richer than most other parmesans you try.

Our parmesan cheese from a small-scale producer in the mountain area near the Lakes region near the Doilomites in Northern Italy. It is the classic, versatile, 24 month aged Parmesan with a fragrant and persistent aroma and the most delicious tangy, fruit/nut taste. Delicious to eat straight but mostly used for numerous culinary purposes. 


: raw cow's milk and animal rennet 

: sweet, tangy, fruity parmesan that is moist and full of character.

: price per 250g cut piece (£3.42 per 100g)

Parmiggiano Reggiano 24 month

250 Grams