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What you eat matters

How you shop and what you eat matters more than ever in these changing times. If you shop at the Deli you will be helping to support small-scale producers and local suppliers through a very challenging time for food industry independents. If we want a 'life less ordinary' after this pandemic is over then we need to be looking to help sustain small producers to keep their unique and wonderful products in existence. At the Deli we have always loved our unique specialities and have gone the distance for years to either make beautiful food our work with like-minded businesses who supply beautiful food with good ethics. Good food production is an art to be cherished and one that is under severe threat at the moment. Make your vote count by shopping for products with this in mind. Go to that favourite place for a takeout or buy something weekly from a great independent who has a range of products made by intelligent producers who care about their craft and support good farming practices. If we don't do it now then our food culture will be lost, possibly forever...

Choose life, Big colourful Life!

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