A flavourful and fiery classic southern Italian pasta sauce made by family producers in Puglia, using their own chilli peperoncino and extra virgin olive oil with sweet local tomatoes. Passionate hot heads will happily indulge in this authentic and sensational sauce on their favourite pasta. Penne all'arrabbiata is a national icon on the Italian culinary map.

  • Made by a family production in Puglia
  • A family recipe, well prepared with excellent ingredients
  • With sweet southern Italian tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil
  • 220g glass jar

Seggiano Chilli Tomato Pasta sauce

  • A sizzling crema di peperoncino from Calabria that will wake up your tastebuds. Our fiery chilli paste made from local dog nose peppers, is hot, delicious and perfectly balanced. Bring a little southern Italian heat to any dish with this zesty chilli condiment.