This sugo is not your average tomato pasta sauce, but more like a rich caponata, with zucchini, aubergine and peppers fried lightly in extra virgin olive oil before adding the chunky tomatoes. It's made from fresh, quality ingredients that are minimally cooked to maintain their natural flavours and it tastes homemade. Our delicious sauce can be used on pasta, and is thick enough to serve as a bruschetta topping too.

  • With extra virgin olive oil instead of cheap oil
  • Made with fresh vegetables and basil
  • Delicious chunky bruschetta topping
  • Tastes homemade
  • A family recipe, well prepared with excellent ingredients
  • With sweet southern Italian tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil
  • 220g glass jar

Seggiano Tomato Sugo for Pasta and Bruschetta